Welcome to Cannabis South (Georgia) .  Cannabis South LLC was founded by Matthan Ibidapo in Riverdale , Georgia, in 2016. 

Matthan  was born in East Point, Georgia to Nigerian immigrants. After spending several years in  Lagos, Nigeria during his childhood , Matthan returned to American at the age of 13 , where he graduated from Riverdale High School. In May 2011 he graduated from The Alabama state university with a BS in Social Work  and also obtained his Masters in social work. 

Matthan Goal since 2015 has been to find the solutions to many different issues affecting the African American community in the bible belt states from medical access, educational tools, non-supplemental therapy , among others through the Hemp Industry in America. 

Over the past two years I have read and worked with the most vulnerable population in South and West of the United States.  Watching Laws in other states out west and west leave the South behind. Cannabis South not only aims to bridge the decade long gap but filter back into the minority community affected all through the south.

Cannabis South will not only be the southern leader in hemp derived production , but  the World Leader!