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Company Profile


Matthan Ibidapo

Founder/CEO /Chairman of Cannabis South LLC/ International
Matthan Ibidapo was born in East Point, Georgia to Nigerian immigrants. After spending several years in Lagos, Nigeria during his childhood , Matthan returned to American at the age of 13 , where he graduated from Riverdale High School. In May 2011 he graduated from The Alabama state university with a BS in Social Work and also has masters experience.

Matthan Goal since 2013 has been to find the solutions to many different issues affecting the African American community daily lives, in the bible belt states from medical access, educational tools, non-supplemental therapy, Property , among others through the Cannabis and Hemp Industry in America.


Joseph Henry Wright II

Director of Operations

Dedicated manager, client centered child and family advocate with an 
exceptional record of service and experience.  
Community/government-relations professional with over five years’ 
experience facilitating needed assistance and resolving a wide range of 
issues for individuals from diverse cultural, socioeconomic and 
disadvantaged backgrounds. Has Always Displayed Leadership Skills. He 
Has ample Experience in business Running A Behavioral and Mental Health 
Agency and also Creating JHWII enterprisesLLC. His entry into the 
cannabis field was something he would describe as “destiny”



President Cannabis South LLC/ International

Aso Odus Jr was born in New Jersey City, NJ, raised in College Park, Ga to Nigerian immigrants. Spending majority of his years in the rough urban area of College Park, he graduated in Bridgeport, CT at Central High School. This helped further his education and networking with business owners who helped him build the foundation ofowning his first home care later in Atlanta, GA; Sweet Mothers Home Care.

Mr. Odus and Mr. Ibidapo have worked on incorporating the skills acquired in the daily lives of many onto a platform for the millions to come. With these built acquisitions stemming from 2013, have given Cannabis South the push needed in the ever-growing Cannabis and Hemp Industry domestically and internationally.